Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offer a forum for promoting advances in practice in the United States and globally.

Balance & Falls SIG

Chair: Heidi Moyer, PT, DPT

A forum for the increase of knowledge and quality of practice for physical therapists in relation to older persons with balance problems and an increased risk for falling.

Bone Health SIG

Chair: Lisa Hamilton, PT, DPT

A forum through which individuals having a common interest in physical therapy for bone health and osteoporosis may connect and promote education, clinical practice, and research.

Cognitive & Mental Health SIG

Chair: Alexandra Alexander, PT, DPT, GCS

A forum and preferred channel for sharing information and resources and promoting professional networking and advocacy efforts related to cognitive and mental health issues and behaviors in geriatric physical therapy. 

Health Promotion & Wellness SIG

Chair: Cathy Stucker, PT, DSc, CMPT

Enhancing health promotion and wellness practice among physical therapy professionals working with ageing adults. The SIG supports this goal through education, clinical practice, research, and partnership with other health promotion organizations and initiatives.

Global Health for Aging Adults SIG

Chair: Shweta Subramani, PT, MHS

Increasing awareness of physical therapy across the globe, advance physical therapy practice globally, encourage international clinicians and students activities, and facilitate global partnerships.

Residency & Fellowship SIG

Chair: Michelle (Missy) Criss, PT, DPT, PhD

Fostering the development, growth, and participation of geriatric residency and fellowship programs, including those engaged in existing programs (both faculty and participants) and those interested in developing new programs. Furthermore, students and others interested in becoming a resident can become members of the SIG to network.


Chair: Richard White, PT, DPT

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