Volunteering with the APTA Geriatrics is a great way to learn, grow, and make a difference and we have a variety of opportunities for you to choose from. All open positions are now posted on the APTA Engage Site.

APTA’s new volunteer portal, will make it easier to find opportunities to serve the association, both nationally and locally. The new engagement platform will evolve over time, including the creation of micro-volunteering opportunities for those who want to make a positive impact with a smaller time commitment.

Interested applicants should opt-in and complete a volunteer interest profile in APTA Engage to be eligible for all volunteer opportunities as they become available throughout the year. To apply for an open position, update your profile, select the opportunity you are interested in, select “Apply Now,” and answer any questions to indicate how you’d be an asset to the group.

Don’t see what you were interested in?

Please contact us at geriatrics@aptageriatrics.org and let us know your interest area!