The Residency and Fellowship SIG seeks to foster the development and growth of geriatric residency and fellowship programs. The R/F SIG will allow greater participation among ALL parties interested in residency/fellowship education; including those engaged in existing programs (both faculty and participants) and those interested in developing new programs.

Furthermore, students and others interested in becoming a resident should become members of the R/F SIG for networking purposes. The R/F SIG will allow for increased member participation and potentially have a much greater impact on the development of new and larger programs. There are many opportunities for participation, so please consider getting involved! To participate or learn more about current SIG activities and projects, contact the SIG chair.


  • Chair
    Raegan Muller, PT
  • Vice Chair
    Jill FitzGerald, PT, DPT
  • Secretary
    Emma Phillips, PT, DPT
  • Nominating Committee
    Jenifer Cabrera (Chair)
    Jason Desari
    Sarah Carolyn Smith, PT, DPT

R/F SIG News

Congratulations to the 2021 Clinical Residency or Fellowship Scholarship Recipients!

June 14, 2021
APTA Geriatrics takes pride assisting in the development of young professionals interested in advancing their careers through working with ageing adults. To foster the growth of Geriatric Physical Therapy Specialty Practice, APTA Geriatrics offers scholarships to physical therapists in a geriatric clinical residency or fellowship programs.

The following are the 2021 recipients of the Clinical Residency or Fellowship Scholarship:

  • Brianneth Alvarado, PT, DPT
  • Lisa Tagariello, PT, DPT who is in the Cincinnati VA Medical Center Physical Therapy Geriatric Residency Program
  • Matthew Sahhar, PT, DPT who is in the Mayo Clinic Geriatric Residency Program
  • Sarah Hong, PT, DPT who is in the University of Minnesota Geriatric Clinical Residency
  • Sarah Talbert, PT, DPT who is in the Cincinnati VA Medical Center Physical Therapy Geriatrics Residency Program
  • Taylor Barnett, PT, DPT who attends Creighton University and is in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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ABPTRFE Residency and Fellowship Programs:
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