Falls Prevention Awareness Toolkit
A Comprehensive Guide to Professional & Community Engagement, 2nd Edition

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Table of Contents

Additional Referenced Files

  1. Formal Presentation Materials
  1. Certificates of Participation
  1. Fall Risk Recommendations
  1. CDC STEADI Algorithm for Fall Risk Assessments and Interventions
  1. CDC STEADI Preventing Falls in Older Adults. Provider Pocket Guide
  1. CDC STEADI Falls Risk Screening
  1. CDC STEADI Fact Sheets for Providers
  1. CDC STEADI Medication Management
  1. CDC STEADI Patient Encounters & Case Studies
  1. CDC STEADI Fall Forms
  1. CDC STEADI Patient Handouts
  1. CDC STEADI Community Fall Prevention
  1. CDC MyMobility Plan
  1. Handouts from APTA Geriatrics/National Senior Games
  1. Cognitive Screen
  1. Depression Screen

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