HHS Releases Physical Activity Guidelines Midcourse Report 2024

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Geriatrics NewsHomepage    June 29, 2023

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans provides evidence-based guidance to help people maintain or improve their health through physical activity. And now the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released a new report to build on the second edition of the Guidelines! The newly released Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report: Implementation Strategies for Older Adults highlights strategies to help people age 65 years and older get and stay active.

Download the 2024 Midcourse Report today to learn about strategies you can implement in your community. Be sure to share the report with your networks too!

And check out the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s (ODPHP) resources from Move Your Way® — the promotional campaign that supports the Guidelines. Share Move Your Way community resources with your networks —including materials for older adults and the newly updated activity planner that older adults can use to plan and track their activity throughout the week.

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