The purpose of the CMHSIG shall be to provide a forum and preferred channel for sharing information and resources, and promoting professional networking and advocacy efforts related to cognitive and mental health issues and behaviors in the area of geriatric physical therapy.

 The CMHSIG will foster the creation and collaboration of relationships among individuals with a common interest in physical therapy for older adults with cognitive and mental health issues and behaviors in order to advance the knowledge and skills of geriatric physical therapy practice. There are many opportunities for participation, so please consider getting involved! To participate or learn more about current SIG activities and projects, contact the SIG chair.


  • CHAIR: Christine Childers, PT, MS
  • VICE CHAIR: Christy Ross, PT, DPT
  • SECRETARY: Sarah Cooper, PT, DPT
  • NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Michele Stanley (Chair) Rashelle Hoffman, PT, DPT, PhD
  • ACADEMIC LIAISONS: Missy Criss, PT; Nicole Dawson, PT; Evan Prost, PT*; Ashleigh Trapuzzano, Student DPT; Barbara Billek-Sawhney, PT
  • CLINICAL LIAISONS: Jen Nash, PT; Julie Hardy, PT; Jean Miles, PT*; Cindi Cathey, PTA; Elizabeth Coons, PTA; Marian Over, PT
  • DAA LIAISONS: Jan Bays
  • INTERSECTION LIAISONS: Mary Fisher, Betsy Ross
  • PUBLIC LIAISONS: Marissa Cruz, Jackie Madsen, Mary Ann Wharton, Laura White
  • RESEARCH LIAISONS: Margaret Danilovich, Jennifer Howanitz, Anu Kalpathi, Sue Wenker


posted: April 21, 2020


CMHSIG Newsletters


Cognitive & Mental Health SIG Member Resources


Dear New CMHSIG Member:

Welcome to the APTA Geriatrics Cognitive and Mental Health Special Interest Group (CMHSIG)! The purpose of the CMHSIG is to provide a forum through which individuals having a common interest in older adults with dementia and other cognitive-based conditions and mental health issues can learn from each other.

We encourage you to join the APTA Geriatrics listserv, which serves as a discussion forum for PTs and PTAs with an interest in older adults to ask questions and share information. Every post regarding dementia and other cognitive-based conditions and mental health issues will raise awareness in the PT community about these topics, so we encourage you to participate!

The CMHSIG also hosts a business meeting at the Combined Sections Meeting every year in February, which I hope you will consider attending. I hope to see you there and warmly encourage you to reach out to me, the other Officers and our many Liaisons. This CMHSIG leadership group represents people, across the United States and in various settings, who are committed to sharing their talents, knowledge and time in order to broadening our collective knowledge of how physical therapy care management services can effectively help people living with cognitive and mental health conditions.

Our society is undergoing another renaissance with regard to healthcare reform. In these turbulent and exciting times, the birth of this SIG in 2014 has been very timely. We have been successful in developing projects in many areas — see our March 2018 GeriNotes project report for details. If you are interested in volunteering with our SIG, we have Liaison positions open which typically require a 1-2 hour time commitment each quarter. I have found that volunteering my time to our profession has been truly one of the most professionally satisfying experiences of my career to date. Should you decide to volunteer your time with us, know you will have tremendous support and opportunities for professional growth.

We are always looking for ways to hone and expand the scope of our SIG, so please forward any suggestions for programming and CMHSIG activities to me at I look forward to your participation in our CMHSIG! Your ideas are most welcome!

Lise McCarthy, PT, DPT, GCS
CMHSIG Founder


Research Resources from CMH

Thank you for visiting the research portion of the CMH SIG website!

As the research liaisons, one of our goals is to meet the needs of the members by providing research that would be of interest to you. Please send suggestions regarding topics of interest to the SIG listserv and we will be happy to search for and hopefully find literature about that topic.

Here are some articles that we find interesting and helpful in our understanding of clinical practice in the area of Cognitive and Mental Health.

May 2016 Cognitive and Mental Health Recent Research

SIG Links of Interest