The primary purpose of the Balance and Falls SIG is to provide a forum for the increase of knowledge and quality of Physical Therapy practice in relation to older persons with balance problems and an increased risk for falling.

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There are many opportunities for participation, so please consider getting involved! To participate or learn more about current SIG activities and projects, contact the SIG chair at or check out available postings on APTA Engage.


  • CHAIR: Heidi Moyer, PT, DPT
  • VICE CHAIR: Haim Nesser, PT, DPT
  • SECRETARY: Beth Castellini, PT
  • CLINICAL LIAISONS: Stefanie Bond, PT, DPT and Heather Timothy, PT, MSPT
  • RESEARCH LIAISON: Jennifer Gindoff, PT, DPT
  • EARLY CAREER PROFESSIONAL LIAISON: Holly Bennett, PT, DPT and Kimberlyn Thomas, PT, DPT


Member Highlight:

June 29, 2022

Hi, I’m Pooja Mehta, I have been a Physical Therapist in India since 2007 and in the USA since 2010. I have worked in Outpatient, SNF, and home care settings and am a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Geriatric Physical Therapy (GCS) as well as a Certified Exercise Expert for Older Adults (CEEAA). I am also a current task force member on the BF SIG Neuro Toolkit. In 2006, I attended a lecture by a physician in India who quoted, “A physician gives a year to the patient’s life; but a therapist gives life to that year. “ This quote has never left me and it continues to impact the work I do today. Over the years I have come to understand patient and older adult care in a much better way than I did in my early clinical years. I have seen older adults thrive on challenges in balance, strength, and endurance. Accomplishing their goals, performing an activity they couldn’t perform or had difficulty performing increases their self-esteem and gives them a sense of self-worth and validation. Therapists must manage their patients as a whole; identifying problems which may be out of their scope of practice, providing necessary referrals and recommendations to other experts and hence provide optimal care. Caring with our head, heart, and hands we bring our best forward to the patient and profession.

BF SIG 2022 Quarter 2 Update

June 28, 2022

Greetings BF SIG Members,

The executive committee and other volunteers of the BF SIG are hard at work behind the scenes on several projects including the following:

  • Early Career Professional Liaisons Holly and Kimma led the first meeting to coordinate our volunteers in starting to work on the BF SIG Neuro Toolkit.
  • Research Liaison Jennifer replied to a member question on mobility programs and fall risk. Keep an eye out in GeriNotes for her response!
  • Community Outreach Liaison Tammy is hard at work coordinating and creating the NFPAW Kick Off Call with a multitude of speakers including DPT students, leaders from the Oncology and Neurology section BF SIGs, APTA House of Delegates, and others.
  • Secretary Beth will be leading the case study discussion for the September 20th APTA Geriatrics Journal Club. Check out the case ahead of time in GeriNotes.
  • Clinical Liaisons Heather and Stefanie are hard at work continuing to create quality content for the BF SIG Monthly Challenge. We are also looking for a new Clinical Liaison to join our team, check out APTA Engage for details.
  • CSM 2023 programming was submitted by Chair Heidi; Vice-Chair Haim; Clinical Liaisons Stefanie and Heather; and Early Career Professional Liaisons Holly and Kimma.
  • Several articles are in the cue for GeriNotes including community fall prevention efforts led by DPT students form Governors State University, clinical balance and falls management in older adults through the perspective of an early career professional, as well as a case study in using the 4 square step test following hip fracture.


Check back in September for additional updates from quarter 3!

Falls Prevention Awareness Month is Here!

September 1, 2021

Check out the updated webpage for Falls Prevention Awareness Week at NCOA. They recently added links to “The Role of a Physical Therapist in Health Aging” and “Encouraging Older Adults to Stay Active During COVID-19” under Flyers, Infographics and other materials. Further updates in October will feature physical therapy as they highlight PT’s Role in Fall Prevention during National Physical Therapy Month.

Download the Falls Prevention Awareness Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to Professional & Community Engagement for Geriatric Fall/Balance Assessment, developed by the Balance and Falls SIG. The resources provided within the toolkit are designed to assist clinicians and students in creating and/or improving their community-based falls prevention events by utilizing current evidence and a wide-variety of quality resources.

New CDC Fall Prevention Resources

August 6, 2021

Each year more than a quarter of Americans age 65 and older report a fall. While not all falls result in injury, fall injuries can result in functional decline, decreased quality of life, and even death. CDC has created new clinician resources to help prevent older patient falls during a hospital stay and post-discharge, as well as tools to help educate ageing adults and caregivers about how to age without injury.

Ageing adults often experience decreased mobility while hospitalized. This can increase their risk of poor functional outcomes after discharge and lead to hospital readmission. To help hospitals prevent falls in hospitalized and recently discharged patients, the CDC created the STEADI: Best Practices for Developing an Inpatient Program to Prevent Older Adult Falls After Discharge. The Best Practices Guide was created in partnership with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and offers a 10-step framework for promoting safe mobility and managing older patients’ post-discharge fall risk.

Also available is a Fact Sheet that summaries how the guide was developed and how other hospitals can build a similar inpatient fall prevention program.

The CDC also released a new toolkit to help partners promote ageing adult injury prevention. The toolkit offers quick facts, key messages, social media, and a sample letter to share with their partners about the Still Going Strong campaign. Still Going Strong is a positive messaging campaign that encourages ageing adults to age without injury and provides simple steps that ageing adults and their loved ones can take to prevent injuries.

BF SIG Events

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Balance and Falls SIG Member Resources


Outcome Measure Toolkit for Geriatric Fall/Balance Assessment

The Balance and Falls Special Interest Group of the APTA Geriatrics developed this toolkit as an updated summary of current outcome measures related to balance and fall risk assessment. It is available, OPEN ACCESS here:

Falls Prevention Awareness Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to Professional & Community Engagement, 2nd Edition

The Falls Prevention Awareness Toolkit developed by the Balance and Falls Special Interest Group of the APTA Geriatrics is available, OPEN ACCESS below.

The resources provided within the toolkit are designed to assist clinicians and students in creating and/or improving their community-based falls prevention events by utilizing current evidence and a wide-variety of quality resources.

The Monthly Challenge

Every month, as part of an optional mailing list, we send out an email with a quick summary of a topic related to balance and falls management in older adults. Emails are sent out on the first of each month, and those that join the mailing list are able to access the last 2 years of materials as well. If you wish to join and get this information sent directly to your inbox each month for you to use same day, email us at .


National Fall Prevention Awareness Day Resources


How to conduct virtual fall prevention

by Jennifer Nash, APTA-Geri State Advocate for Nevada Click here to Download


From the 2020 BFSIG Falls Prevention Awareness Week Brainstorming Webinar and Guest Presentation on Virtual Balance Assessment from Winston-Salem State University, July 28, 2020

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