New Toolkit Assists Clinicians with Cognitive Deficit Screening Tools

Geriatrics News    January 9, 2023

Do you have clients who appear to be struggling with things that should be easy – tying shoelaces, finding words. Have difficulty meeting appointments? Or have sudden changes in emotions? The NEW Cognitive/Mental Health Toolkit can help you identify domains of cognition that might be affected, how to screen for them, and how to adapt treatment to serve your clients.


This toolkit has been developed by members of the Cognitive and Mental Health Special interest group (CMHSIG), a part of APTA Geriatrics, to assist clinicians with quick screening tools for individuals demonstrating cognitive deficits.


The toolkit provides an outline of the different cognitive domains, how deficits in each domain are manifested in the clients, and a guideline of which domain is most affected in certain diagnosis. The toolkit looks at screening tools to assist the clinician in determining the presence and severity of cognitive impairment and/or dementia and screens to determine which of the domains are affected. It also provides advice on adaptations to treatment and communication styles based on the affected domain.


This toolkit should be used as a starting point for clinicians to choose appropriate screenings for their clients.


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