New CDC Fall Prevention Resources

BF SIG    August 6, 2021

Each year more than a quarter of Americans age 65 and older report a fall. While not all falls result in injury, fall injuries can result in functional decline, decreased quality of life, and even death. CDC has created new clinician resources to help prevent older patient falls during a hospital stay and post-discharge, as well as tools to help educate ageing adults and caregivers about how to age without injury.

Ageing adults often experience decreased mobility while hospitalized. This can increase their risk of poor functional outcomes after discharge and lead to hospital readmission. To help hospitals prevent falls in hospitalized and recently discharged patients, the CDC created the STEADI: Best Practices for Developing an Inpatient Program to Prevent Older Adult Falls After Discharge. The Best Practices Guide was created in partnership with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and offers a 10-step framework for promoting safe mobility and managing older patients’ post-discharge fall risk.

Also available is a Fact Sheet that summaries how the guide was developed and how other hospitals can build a similar inpatient fall prevention program.

The CDC also released a new toolkit to help partners promote ageing adult injury prevention. The toolkit offers quick facts, key messages, social media, and a sample letter to share with their partners about the Still Going Strong campaign. Still Going Strong is a positive messaging campaign that encourages ageing adults to age without injury and provides simple steps that ageing adults and their loved ones can take to prevent injuries.