Balance and Fall Prevention Host Site Hosts

Do you have what it takes to be a Balance and Fall Prevention Host Site?

Thank you for your interest in hosting the Balance and Fall Prevention in Community Dwelling Older Adults: An APTA Geriatrics Course Series. The Balance and Fall Prevention course series is particularly exciting, and all of the information in the courses can be applied immediately in the clinic, thus the great draw for clinicians!

Since we cover a large number of special tests and review a lot of information with all three courses, there are some specific requirements that a site must meet in order to host this course series. Please see the list below of specific equipment needed. Please pay special attention to the requirements in Course 2 concerning the necessary number and type of aerobic and resistance equipment. Generally, sites with fitness centers nearby have been able to easily meet these requirements. If the fitness center is not within walking distance for the participants, we encourage participants to arrange car pools to travel to fitness center (up to 15 minutes away by car). Please see the sample facility contract in this packet for further details regarding specific requirements and comps, etc. Here is a short synopsis of the courses:

We expect an audience of anywhere from 40-60 people. A list of faculty may be found here.Faculty arrive Friday afternoon to conduct skills testing. The general space and equipment needs include:

  • A lecture hall, classroom, or lecture space for 40-60 participants.
  • An LCD projector, with audio/video viewing capabilities, tables, chairs, etc.
  • A large walkway/hallway (for six-minute walk test so will have to be approximately 35 meters in length, it does not have to be perfectly straight, a curved pathway or even outdoor areas have been used in the past).
  • Lab/open spaces near by the lecture space. During the course, instructors will frequently break into a 20-30 minutes lab for immediate practice of a skill. In order to limit time wasted traveling between lecture and lab locations, the closer these breakout areas are, the better.
  • Other requested equipment but not essential:
    • Physioballs
    • Cuff weights
    • Bosu balls
    • BAPS board / tilt boards
    • Medicine balls
    • Canes
    • Mini trampoline
    • Wooden steps (6 inch ideal)
    • Chairs without armrests (6)
    • Chairs with armrests (6)
    • Treadmill

If you are interested in having your facility host a Balance and Fall Prevention course series, please contact us. One of our faculty leaders will connect with you upon receipt.